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Welcome to the RacingFormBook horse racing racecards website. The cards are a straightforward guide to each days horse racing for fixtures in the UK and Ireland.

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They have all the runners and riders, plus readers will gain access to the unique Racingformbook Class Ratings. Here you will see the Class Figure a horse achieved in the last two and three races, with also the Best Rating from the previous 12 months. You can further check any horses form, either in summary or scroll through each race the horse ran in.

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Straight from horse racing’s headquarters visit the British Horseracing Authority page where the information is automatically updated in real time.

This not only covers the latest withdrawals, but going changes, weather updates & news of inspections.

For the Irish racing check this IHRB webpage.


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    Class Ratings Winners in the Last Week

    The best of the many winners that were rated in one of our top 2 in the past week

    Sat 6/8/22
    Samuel Spade W 18/1
    In Ecstasy W 10/1
    Liangel Hope W 10/1
    Themaxwecan W 9/1
    Diamondonthehill W 7/1
    Mitrosonfire W 13/2
    Come On Girl W 6/1
    Alwajd W 5/1

    Fri 5/8/22
    Avec Espoir W 33/1
    Alexa’s Princess W 14/1
    Manigordo W 9/1
    Sir Chauvelin W 17/2
    Chinese Spirit W 15/2
    Porfin W 6/1
    Jill Rose W 11/2
    Lethal Angel W 9/2

    Thu 4/8/22
    Kraka W 125/1
    Tiberio Force W 10/1
    Mattice W 8/1
    Sapphire’s Moon W 7/1
    King Of War W 13/2
    Giogiobbo W 11/2
    Cooperation W 5/1
    Red Striker W 9/2

    Wed 3/8/22
    Corky W 10/1
    In The Giving W 13/2
    Admirable Lad W 13/2
    Amathus W 6/1
    Lincoln Pride W 11/2
    Sweet Harmony W 5/1

    Tue 2/8/22
    Four Country Roads W 12/1
    Singing The Blues W 9/1
    Romantic Sunlight W 8/1
    Golden Gal W 9/2

    Mon 1/8/22
    Kodiac Prince W 20/1
    Sister Rosetta W 12/1
    Cuban Breeze W 17/2
    Glorious Rio W 8/1
    Corinthian Kid W 13/2
    Dallas Des Pictons W 13/2
    Red Allure W 6/1
    Sheishybrid W 9/2

    Sun 1/8/22
    Vado Forte W 16/1
    Nathaniel’s Dream W 12/1


    Class Ratings Winners in the Previous Week

    These the best of the many winners in one of our top 2 last week

    Sat 30/7/22
    One Step Beyond W 12/1
    Surprise Picture W 17/2
    Parisiac W 17/2
    Aqwaam W 8/1
    Many A Star W 8/1
    Midgetonamission W 8/1
    Gliding Bay W 7/1
    Emotion W 13/2
    Shaladar W 11/2
    Kath’s Toyboy W 11/2 DQ
    The Foxes W 5/1
    Immortal Beauty W 5/1
    Danzan W 5/1
    Serious Challenge W 9/2

    Fri 29/7/22
    Next Second W 25/1
    Orbaan W 20/1
    Mellys Flyer W 12/1
    Evolicatt W 11/1
    Khaadem W 8/1
    Wajd W 6/1
    Castan W 6/1
    Dark Side Thunder W 11/2
    Only Spoofing W 5/1

    Thu 28/7/22
    Prairie Falcon W 14/1
    Indian Dream W 11/1
    Whistledown W 10/1
    Sir Joseph Swan W 9/1
    Mutara W 15/2
    Get Ahead W 7/1
    Good Regal W 9/2
    Warren Point W 9/2

    Wed 27/7/22
    Britzka W 6/1
    Big Difference W 9/2

    Tue 26/7/22
    Latin Five W 28/1
    Adaay In Asia W 22/1
    Sandrine W 12/1
    Sheila Nash W 12/1
    Leading Company W 11/1
    Lord Riddiford W 10/1
    Misty Mani W 17/2
    Sparked W 15/2
    Miss Candy W 11/2
    Sula Warrior W 11/2

    Mon 25/7/22
    Darkened W 12/1
    Travesuras W 10/1
    Ragamuffin W 6/1

    Sun 24/7/22
    Asdaa W 11/1
    Helvetian W 9/1
    Cabinet Maker W 5/1
    Durragh W 5/1


    Class Ratings Winners Three Weeks prior

    These the best of the many winners in one of our top 2 that previous week

    Sat 23/7/22
    Birkenhead W 25/1
    Call Me Ginger W 12/1
    Brewel Hill W 11/1
    Sandy Paradise W 17/2
    Zaur W 6/1
    Hackberry W 11/2
    Reclaim Victory W 9/2
    Gale Force Maya W 9/2

    Fri 22/7/22
    Starlight Rose W 25/1
    George Mallory W 12/1
    Dutch Decoy W 9/2

    Thu 21/7/22
    East Street Revue W 33/1
    Back From Dubai W 14/1
    Melek Alree W 11/2
    Yulong Voice W5/1
    Study The Stars W 9/2
    Fangorn W 9/2

    Wed 20/7/22
    Barnhill Rose W 10/1
    Brideswell Lad W 8/1
    Ohnojoe W 15/2
    Dal Mallart W 13/2
    Pirate Jenny W 13/2
    Kodi Dancer W 6/1
    Badri W 6/1
    Mi Lighthouse W 6/1
    Cluan Dara W 11/2
    Playday W 5/1

    Tue 19/7/22
    Galon De Vauzelle W 7/1
    Tullypole Annie W 9/2

    Mon 18/7/22
    Star Shield W 10/1
    Takeachancejimmy W 17/2

    Sun 17/7/22
    Snookered W 20/1
    Eddie’s Boy W 15/2
    Precision Storm W 13/2
    Glan Y Gors W 11/2
    Francky Du Berlais W 5/1
    Kerosine Light W 9/2 (DQ)


    Class Ratings Winners Four Weeks prior

    These the best of the many winners in one of our top 2 then 4 weeks ago

    Sat 16/7/22
    Ennistown W 10/1
    Azano W 8/1
    Bearwith W 8/1
    For Everyone W 15/2
    I’m Not Alone W 6/1

    Fri 15/7/22
    Breaking Light W 11/1.
    Ventura Rascal W 9/1
    Chasing Aphrodite W 15/2
    Dandy Spirit W 7/1
    Dynamic Force W 7/1
    Magnor Glory W 11/2
    Muscika W 5/1

    Thu 14/7/22
    Amanirenas W 14/1
    Naturally Blond W 8/1
    Bob’s Bar W 7/1
    Aurora Papillon W 7/1
    Vale Of Glory W 13/2

    Wed 13/7/22
    Geological W 25/1
    Lalania W 18/1
    Imperial Sachin’s W 8/1
    Breach W 15/2
    Gracesolution W 15/2
    Retrouvailles W 6/1
    Lunar Shadow W 6/1
    Dance To Paris w 5/1
    Papilio W 5/1
    Gilbert W 9/2
    Diamondinthemud W 9/2

    Tue 12/7/22
    Starfighter W 14/1
    Cafe Sydney W 11/1
    Irish Lullaby W 15/2
    Sir Maxi W 15/2
    Karibana W 5/1
    Crikey Juicey W 9/2

    Mon 11/7/22
    Society Lion W 15/2
    Chapmanshype W 15/2
    Shark Bay W 6/1
    Glory Hallelujah W 11/2
    Chifa W 9/2
    Aristovic W 9/2

    Sun 10/7/22
    Rostello W 12/1
    Malangen W 15/2
    Skippin Court W 13/2
    On The Sixth Day W 9/2
    Trumps Benefit W 9/2


    If you are looking for a website that delivers straightforward  racecards then you are at the right place. It seems to be the vogue to pack as much information into every race as is possible. We think that this may well lead to more confusion for a lot of people. Racingformbook is most concerned about representing a horses form in an easy to follow format.

    Not only do you see this in the easy to use racecards, but we include our ratings which are exclusive and unique. They use a special formulae that ties in the class of race and strength of opposition in the rating for each race and every horse that ran in it. In this way you get a more computerised and automated reflection for a horses rating. The ratings may be deemed to have an advantage over Speed Ratings. While they have many merits,  SR’s do require the author being subjective with regards to allocating a ‘going allowance’. The exception being ‘All Weather’ tracks to a lesser degree.

    As for marking up ratings using the traditional collateral form method.  Ratings arrived at this way are of course in a way reliant on the creators subjective view to form. Obviously there are some well respected ratings formed in this way, but they are ‘at risk’ with such subjectivity.

    Therefore we provide ratings that do not ‘follow the crowd’, which by being different, will increase the value of the price a horse runs at. Think of Class Ratings as the 3rd element in rating horse racing Racehorses.

    “Form is temporary, Class is permanent”.

    Horse Racing Racecards Form


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